google duo for pc

Download the Free and latest version of google due for pc ( duo for web) on your pc, laptop, Mac, tablet, mobile, iPhone, iPad and enjoy the free of cost best quality audio, high resolution video one to one calls anytime from anywhere to everywhere part of the world with your family, friends or coworkers. This app is fully save, secure, reliable, totally free, easy to use and supports all types of operating system devices like windows 7,8.1,10, MacOs, android, ios.

Updated on 19th May 2021

Developer: Google LLC

Req: Windows 7, 8.1, 10

google-duo on Google Play Store for PC windows

Size: 22.9 Mbs

Version: 117.0.346887591


About Google Duo

This app is one of the best and free high quality audio, video calls, text masseaging or chating app offered, developed and launched by the Google LLC in 2016-08-16. Google Duo app replaced the “Hangouts”. Different and latest versions of this app are available to download for all type of devices like Android, ios, windows, MacOs and also the google duo for web is the best feature to run this app on desktop devices like laptop, pc and mac. Just like the Whatsapp this app also have end-to-end encryption feature which make your communication (Audio, Video, text massaging) highly secure, save and most reliable that you can connect to others with highly peace of mind.

How to download google duo for pc windows 7,8.1,10 & for Mac

As this app was for mobile (Android and iphone) users and can easily be download and install on mobiles but in this post I will guide you about how to download, install and run google duo on your desktop like pc, laptop, tablet or on Macbook. Although there are different mathods are available online to download this app for pc windows but here i will guide you about downloading through BlueStacks emulator.

Download Through BlueStacks emulator

I have choose the best easiest and simplest method to download this app. So follow the step by step guidance with real time downloading images to download the app for your pc windows 7/8/10 or for Mac.

Step 1: If you already have the BlueStacks on your pc windows then you can iqnore this step otherwise you may download the BlueStacks from the official website


Step 2: Now when you download file from the official webpage then click on the downloaded BlueStacksinstaller…exe file from your pc windows download folder. BlueStacks will start to installing on your pc windows or on Mac

Run exe file and install bluestacks on your pc windows for google-duo

Step 3: After installation of BlueStacks click the on the icon and run the application on your windows. on the main screen or dashboard you will find the google play store icon otherwise click on the home tab on manu or search google play store.


Step 4: Click on the icon new window will be open if you are not login or registered on the google play store then it will ask you to login with your registered gmail account by entering the your email with the password

Login to Gmail account to start Google Play Store through bluestacks app

Step 5: After loged-in to google paly store type ” google duo for pc” in the search bar. Google will search the relevant app, now click on the icon of the app and then click on the “Install” button. App will start to downloading and installing on the pc windows or for Mac

Step 6: After installation you can find the google duo icon on the dashboard (main screen) of the BlueStacks under the home tab on the top manu or even you can search for the app. click on the app icon “google duo” will run on your pc windows. Now setup the google duo app if you are registered with mobile number it will automatically fetch the registered members from your contact otherwise you can just type the number on the bar to call or add the person in your contact listfor audio, video calls or text massaging.

So if you have done all the above steps then I hope that you have successfully downloaded, installed and run the app on your pc windwos or on Mac but if you have any problem while downloading or running google duo app on your desktop pc, laptop or on mac you may feel free to share your experience or problems in the comments sections.

Features of google duo

  • Fast, reliable, save and secure one-to-one high quality audio, video calls
  • Provide End-to-end encryption to make your call private
  • Totally Free for audio, video calls, text massaging or chatting
  • Can be used by everyone from anywhere at anytime
  • Easiest and simplest user interface
  • Create a group of 32 people and they can communicate (Audio video calls, text massaging) at one time
  • User can join a group calls with a shared link
  • Available for all type of devices like desktop pc, laptop, Mac, smart tv, mobile, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Tablet etc
  • Support all types of operating systems like windows 7,8,10, ios, MacOs, Android, linux etc
  • For Computers, desktop, laptops and Mac “google duo for web” feature through which user did not required to need download the app they can connect, create group and call direct from the browser
  • During your video calls you can take the photo to capture and share special moments with friends or family
  • You can add AR affects during your video calls to make the fun with your friends and family
  • Surprise your friends or family by doodle on video calls with fun mask and effects through new family mode
  • The best feature “Knock Knock” through which the user can see the live preview of the caller before attending their call