opera mini for pc

Download the latest and free version of opera mini for pc windows 10,8,7,XP & Mac web browser with free vpn, builtin ad-blocker save data up to 90%, reliable, smart, clean and light weight. Download and enjoy the remarkable light weight browser on your desktop, pc, (personal computer) smart tv, laptop, mobiles,iPhone, iPod, tablet and mac with fantastic new and updated features like free, unlimited and updated VPN (virtual private network) through which you can not only browse any blocked website but it will also provide you reliable, save and secure web browsing. Opera mini also have free bulitin ad blocker which prevent your device from malware and virus save your data. This browser is really fast in speed and smart because of its light weight as opera mini was specially developed to run on small screen and low space devices like android or ios mobiles but now latest version is also support all type of devices with having all type of operating systems like windows 10,8,7,XP, ios, linux etc.

Updated on 29 May 2021

Developer: Opera Software

Req: Windows 10,8,7,XP

opera-mini on Google Play Store for PC windows

Size: 15.9Mbs

Version: 76.0.4017.194


About Opera Mini

Opera Mini is a web browser developed and launched by the Opera Software in 1996. In 2005 this web borwser was available to TV 2 customers. The opera browser was officially launched worldwide in 2006 and in the same year opera mini 2.0 was released with the new features like improved navigation, download files, search built-in bar with more search engine options, customs skins etc. Opera mini 3 beta version in 2006 has also the features like provide security for secure browsing, uploading files and photos and RSS feeds. Now in the lates version 2021 mini opera is one of the best web browser alternate of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox which save device battery and data up to 90%, save and secure with built-in ad blocker, unlimited and free vpn.

How to Download Opera Mini for pc windows 10,8,7,XP & Mac

As the Opera Mini is Android version and used on the mobiles only. But here in this post i will guide you how you can download and install opera mini for yor pc windows 10,8,7,XP & Mac, desktop, laptop. We need to have emulator to download opera mini on pc windows. Although there are different emulator are available like Nox Player, LD Player, Memu etc but I used the Blue Stacks emulator because it is the best and simple way to install the mobile apps on your pc windows.

Download by BlueStacks emulator

Use BlueStacks emulator to download opera mini browser on your pc windows because this emulator is the best, easiest and simplest to use androids mobile apps on your pc windows. Follow the step by step guidance with real time downloading images which makes opera mini download on your pc as easy as one two three.

Step 1: First of all you need to have BlueStacks emulator downloaded and installed on your pc windows or mac. If you have that then start the application other wise you can download it from here the official link of BlueStack emulator.


Step 2: After downloading application exe file click on the BlueStackinstaller.exe….. from your pc windows download folder it will start blue stacks installing on you pc windows

Run exe file and install bluestacks on your pc windows for -latest-version

Step 3: Download Setup file from the above “Free Download” button or visit the official download page of opera software click on browser and then click on the Opera Mini and then cilck on the “Download the App here” exe apk file will be downloaded to your pc. Run the installed emulator application on your pc windows by clicking the BlueStacks icon. When BlueStacks window is open you may find the “Install APK” button on the right handside of the window. click on that button and browse the downloaded file in your pc download folder click on open mini opera will start installing on your pc through BlueStacks emulator. After installation Opera Mini icon will appear on the main window of Bluestacks emulator. Click on the icon and run the opera mini on your pc windows. If you are still unable to install the mini opera through this step then follow the nex step.

Step 4: Run the Downloaded BlueStacks in step 2 and on the main window you will find the Google Play Store icon.


Step 5: Click on the google paly store icon it will required you to login in the next window. click on the sign-in button and enter the gamil account and password. After loged-in google paly store window will be open. Type “Opera Mini” on the search bar of google play store. Google will search the relevant app just click on the icon of the app and then on the “install” button. This will start the app downloading and installing on your pc windows. After installation Opera Mini icon will appear on the BlueStacks main screen. Click on the icon and run the opera mini on your pc windows.

Features of Opera Mini for pc windows

  • Save, Secure, reliable and trusted private web browser
  • Free, updated and unlimited built-in VPN
  • Free and built-in ad blocker
  • User can browse and chat free in the same time with Hype product of opera mini
  • Save your data upto 90% while browsing
  • World’s first personal web browser
  • Integrated with Instagram and twitter
  • Fully Customiseable
  • More than 80 billion people use this borwser
  • Opera GX specail browser for Games on pc windows
  • Download for pc windows, mobile, mac, ios iphone
  • Light Weight best for less internal space devices like smart tv
  • Very Fast due its lighter weight
  • Support all type of devices like destop, laptop, pc, androids, ios, window mobiles, iphone, ipad, ipod, mac

Product for Opera Browser

Dify: You can create your free account to pay online through your debit card. With dify account androids user can also connect with google pay to shop and pay the amount in stores. User can manage their account through their phone

Hype: User can chat free through Hype product of opera mini while they are browsing they can take screenshots, edit screenshots and share with each others

Opera News: Through this app you can be updated with the latest news and vidoes and you can share and updated trending local and international news

How to Download for pc and Run Opera Browser with VPN

Thanks to the Opera Software that make opera web browser installation for pc windows 10,8,7,XP, Mac or for Androids mobile or ios iPhone, iPod is very easy and smooth. If you still facing to download and install opera with free vpn on your pc then follow the follwing step by step guidance with real time downloading images

Step 1: Download the application exe file from the top “Free Download” button of this post or visit the official download page of opera software click on browser and then click on the for computer and finalaly cilck on the Opera for pc or Opera GX for games. On the next page click on the “Download Now” button.

Opera Download for pc windows from official link
Opera Mini Download for pc windows from official link

Step 2: When you clicked on the Download Now button it will start downloading executable exe…. file on your pc windows 10,8,7,XP or on mac. After file is downloaded click on the “OperaSetup.exe” file from your pc windows download folder it will start to installing opera mini on your pc windows.

Opera Web Browser Downloading for PC windows
Opera Web Browser Downloading for PC windows

Step 3: After Installation click on the Opera icon and run the browser on your pc windows. Click on the “VPN” on the start left of the address bar, click on the connect vpn and then slect the location from the below checklist. it will connect you to the server with vpn and enjoy the free and unlimited vpn and browse the locked website with out showing your ip and identity.