vpn master for pc

Latest version of vpn master for pc is available for free download from the link below on apponwindows.com. Just click on free download button and vpn master exe file will be downloaded on your pc windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 or on Mac then run and install it on your pc and unblock the sites on your pc windows or Mac with WiFi security and Privacy protection. This is the best vpn tool available for Pc, Mac, Laptop, iPod, tablet, iPhone or windows mobile and support all type of operating systems like Windows 7, 8, 10, IOS, Linux, Android

Updated on 9th May 2021

Developer: VPN Capa

Req: Windows Xp, 7 & Up

VPN-Master on Google Play Store for PC windows

Size: 72.21 Kibs

Version: 2.1


About VPN Master

As the name shows VPN Master (Virtual Private Network) developed by the VPN Capa team and is the best vpn for the year 2021 which provide free services to unblock unlimited websites with high speed, protect your personal information, internet security and also hide your ip address to allow you to work and browse freely online without loosing your security and tracking your activities online. Vpn master built an encrypted and high speed connection between your pc windows 7, 8, 10, laptop, Mac, iPhone, window mobiles, smartphone, tablet, smart tv etc and the best for unblocking of blocked websites on the internet with wi-fi security and privacy protection.

VPN Master Features

Followings are some of the best features of vpn master

  • This vpn provide unlimited bandwidth
  • Provide super fast speed
  • Totally free, save and secure
  • Connect with large number of servers available in multiple locations like UK, USA, Europe, America, Asia, Africa etc
  • Does not required login, registration, confiquration, permission or any other formaility to run vpn on pc
  • Unlimited data and time usage
  • VPN Master work with Wi-Fi, LTE/4G, 3G, 2G and all type of data carries devices
  • It change the IP address of your system which will hide your exect location on the internet
  • Encrypt all the internal or external trafic

How to download or install VPN Master on PC or Mac

As you know VPN Master was an Android app and can easily be downloaded and run by mobile users but konw this wonderfull app has also be download and run on pc windows 7, 8, 10 or on Mac. In this post I will guide you with step by step real time downloading screenshots about how to download, install and run vpn for pc windows or Mac through BluStack emulator and NOX Player.

Download by BlueStacks emulator

You should follow the following steps to download vpn master on your pc windows through bluestacks.

Step 1: In the first step visit the official page of BlueStack and download the exe file.


Step 2: In the second step click on the downloaded exe file on your pc windows or Mac download folder. When you click on the exe file “BlueStacksinstaller…exe” it will start downloading and installing bluestacks on your pc windows or on Mac.

Run exe file and install bluestacks on your pc windows for vpn-master

Step 3: Now click on the BlueStacks icon to run the application on your pc windows or on Mac. when it start you will find the Google Play Store icon on the main screen of bluestack emulator


Step 4: Click on the Google Play Store icon on the bluestacks main screen. it will require you to log-in into google play store to search and download vpn master on windows or on mac

Login to Gmail account to start Google Play Store through bluestacks app

Step 5: Click Sign In button and then enter your registered gmail account and password to login to Google Play Store. After login type “VPN-Master” in the search bar of google play store. Play store will search the vpn master and show the result just click on the vpn master icon and then click on the install button. vpn master application will start to downloading and installing on your pc windows or on mac.

Step 6: After installation vpn master icon will appear on the bluestack main screen under the my application tab manu. click on the icon of the downloaded vpn master. vpn master will run on your pc windows or on mac.

How does VPN Master work on pc windows

VPN Master is the best app to unblock the websites on the internet. it support all devices like PC, Laptop, Smart TV, Macbook, tablet, iPod, iPad, iPhone, windows mobile etc and also supports all types of operating systems like, windows xp, vista, 7, 8.1, 10, ios, android etc. this app will hide your ip address protect and secure you for streaming games, videos other data online with super fast speed and unlimited data. When your vpn master is on your pc ip address and location will be masked and your activities on the internet can not be tracked. it will help you to run any blocked website or app on your pc windows and also protect your data privacy, personal information, provide internet security.

Hotspot vpn proxy

this app bypass location restriction with very fast speed and also bypass geo restriction, internet filters from your school or workplace. Using vpn master you can enjoy multiple proxy servers and mode to bypass blocked app or websites if you are located in another country. vpn master is an ausome and smart vpn which is not only free of cost but also has superfast speed in UK, USA, Germany, Japan, India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Bangladaish, China, Europe, Asia, Africa, America, Australia, Canada etc etc, all the servers are free of cost and can be changes with out any hassel and cost