whatsapp for pc

As you know the Whatsapp is an Android app and download or run WhatsApp for the PC windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1,10 is a tuff and bit technical job but through this page, you can learn how easily you can download and run this application on all of your devices like PC Windows, Laptop, IOS Mac, iPad, iPod, Tablet etc. This page will guide you to download, install or run WhatsApp on your device with images of step by step downloading, installation and runing process and you can also download the WhatsApp PC application for free from this page. after reading this page you can easily learn how to send text messaging or make audio or video calls to your friend’ phones from your computer (PC or Mac).

Updated on April 26, 2021

Developer: WhatsApp LLC

Req: Window XP & UP

WhatsApp on Google Play Store for PC windows

Size: 99.84 Mbs



About WhatsApp for PC windows

The word WhatsApp is generated by the phrase What’s Up. WhatsApp is one of the best text and multimedia communication or messaging app initially used by the mobile phone user but now WhatsApp is also most popular and equaly used by the PC windows user or IOS Mac user through its new feature “WhatsApp Web”. Through whatsapp application you can not only make free audio video calls, send received text, audio, video message but you can also send, received music, audio, video and photos to your family or friends from anywhere anytime through any device like mobile, iPhone, PC, iPad, tablet or Mac and this app also support all operating systems like windows, IOS and Android.

Best Features of WhatsApp

WhatsApp has the number of features but i would describe some of the following,

  • WhatsApp is a free app for all the user arround the world
  • You can make free audio, video calls anytime from anywhere of the world
  • Text messaging, audio messaging from your number to any number in the world is free
  • Sending multimedia text like photos, videos to your friend and family is also free
  • Documents like Microsoft word, excel, pdf etc can also be send and received through whatsapp application
  • This app can only use the internet of your device rather than using your phone ballance and save your money and mobile bill
  • Easy and user friendly interface that every one can use this app without any telecommunication knowledge
  • Most popular messaging app and arround more than 5 billions people use whatsapp on their PC, Mac, iPad, iPod, Android mobile, windows mobile, iPhone etc.
  • Capture your memories and share with your friends and family through watsapp status feature.
  • Create Group of your love ones and keep in touch through whatsapp group calling or messaging feature.

How to download for PC windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

Followings steps are involved while downloading, installing and running whatsapp on your PC windows

Step 1: First of all download the WhatsAppSetup.exe file from the above “Free Download” button. You can also download this setup zip file from the official page of WhatsApp application to visit click here

Downlaod WhatsApp for windows 64-BIT
Downlaod WhatsApp for windows 64-BIT

Step 2: Now click on the downloaded WhatsAppSetup.exe file from your download folder. it will start the installation just click “Run” button on the pop-up windows

whatsapp installing on windows 7, 8, 10
whatsapp installing on windows 7, 8, 10

Step 3: After installation Whatsapp window will be open with QR code and other instruction how to connect your phone with your PC

WhatsApp application open on windows
WhatsApp application open on windows

Step 4: Start or open the Whatapp on your phone tap Menu or Settings and Select WhatsApp Web then point your whatsapp running mobile phone to screen on your PC window, Laptop to capture the code. WhatsApp on PC windows will connected to your mobile phone.

WhatsApp connected and running
WhatsApp connected and running on PC windows

Free and secure messaging

WhatsApp save your mony or mobile bill, as it only use the internet connection of your device and you can chat, send and received messaging from your friends and family with out any extra cost.

Group Chating in WhatsApp for pc

Through whatsapp application you can create group of your friends, family or coworkers up to 256 peoples and can do group chat share videos and photos at once. You can also name your group, cutomise, mute and much more

WhatsApp Web/Desktop

Using WhatsApp Web/Desktop You can synchronize all of your chats to your PC windows or computer and you can chat on every device which is most convenient for you.

Video and Audio Calls

WhatsApp does not use your phone paid minutes for video or audio calls. You can call to your friends or Family living anywhere in the world without any cost. Its use only your device internet so you dont have fear of about expensive calling charges.

Save and Secure

WhatsApp built en-to-end encryption in latest version which is very save and secure and only you and the person to whome you have send your message can read or write that message or chat. so chat on WhatsApp is secure by default and you can say anthing to your friends or family which is in your mind.

Share documents through WhatsApp for pc

As whatsapp is save, secure and free of cost so you can share your personal documents of anytype like word, excel, pdf file with your friends, family and coworkers.